Joy Motif 90cm LED Connectable

Fun “JOY” sign motif in Red and White is a great addition to your light display this year.


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This simple motif features Rope Light outline with 1 in 6 auto flashing bulbs. String Light filling and decorative tinsel garland creates depth and colour.

The garland creates a textured effect, making this a great piece for daylight and night time use. Features self-standing support so can freestand on your lawn or hard surface (may required stabilising).

Made from Rope Light with 36 LEDs per metre on an aluminium frame to resist signs of rust and age. String Lights have 6cm spacing and wired tinsel garland is UV treated PVC, suitable for use outdoors (will fade in direct sunlight).

Motif is made with string LED bulbs encased in durable triple layered clear PVC. The tubular string of lights provides 360-degree light distribution, making the motif shine bright from any angle. With solid eyelet hooks built into the sturdy frame, this motif is easy to hang.