RGB 4 Star Stakes

Choose one colour or choose an effect that scrolls through 8 colours.

You can have a different colour for each night of the week in one motif!  


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With the RGB Controller you can choose any of the individual colours as the setting or one of the 4 types of display effects that automatically alternate through the colours in sequence. Memory controller will retain the setting you choose.

Colour sequence: Red, Green, Warm White, Blue, Pink, Aqua, Cool White and Multicolour.

1-8: choose single colour static mode,
9: change automatically between the 8 colours,
10: flash on/off twice for each colour,
11: slow fade on each colour, 12: flashing white through each colour in sequence.
Made from 13mm Rope Light with 36 LEDs/m on aluminium frames with picket.

Each size is 25cm wide x 70cm tall. Star stakes can be placed in garden beds, along paths or hung. Each Star has 50cm input and output connecting power lead to enable spacing up to 1m apart, so can be set up in any configuration. Main image is for illustrative purposes only, motif functions do not include this rainbow type effect.