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Shipping and Delivery

At checkout you have the option to leave your item if no one is available to receive it. Whilst our couriers will make every effort to leave the item in a secure location neither the Couriers or Christmas Galore accept any responsibility or liability if an item is lost, stolen or damaged after the Courier have listed the item as delivered.

Contact details – Customers must supply a valid contact email and preferably two (2) telephone numbers.  We accept no liability if we are unable to contact a customer if the contact details were not supplied, were supplied incorrect or invalid.

Delivery address – It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the delivery address is correct.  Failure to provide the correct delivery details may result in incorrectly delivered goods, undelivered goods, undelivered goods and will incur additional redirect fees. We accept no liability for incorrectly delivered or undelivered goods, where the customer made no reasonable attempt to correct the address within a minimum 24 hours priory to delivery.

We pride ourselves in the care we take to ensure your purchase is perfect.  We cannot however take responsibility if the goods are damaged or lost in transit or stolen once delivered.

By selecting a time for delivery this time will be assumed to be the latest delivery time and as such delivery can be made at any time up to this time. Deliveries are Monday to Friday during business hours. Every effort will be made to meet your requirements. Please refer the product on our website for costings.

If an item is chosen that could be damaged in transit, we reserve the right to advise that an update freight cost may apply.

Where items exceed the standard delivery parcel size of 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm or 10kg, we reserve the right to advise that an update freight cost may apply. Freight to SA, WA, TAS, NT and VIC will need to be quoted on request.

Due to high demands during peak times, all Courier Companies experience extreme volumes, traffic and other outside forces can delay delivery. Please allow ample time for your deliveries to be delivered.

Every effort will be made to assist with special delivery times and requests.  With Hampers and similar gifts often within the item there are perishables items.  Our Couriers will make every effort to leave the item in a shady spot if no one is available to accept. If you have a special time, our Couriers will do their best to facilitate this, however we accept no liability if this is unable to be achieved.